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LeadIQ is changing the sales prospecting landscape. We have great investors backing us. Talk to us and we'll let you know more about the exciting opportunities that we'll embark on (together with you!) :)

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Job Description

We are looking for more 'game-changer' than 'growth hacker' who enjoys getting market feedback, optimizing our sales funnel, and helping the company grow.

You will join an early stage startup and be responsible for multiple clients at the same time. You will become our sales lead and help us build a great team.

Our sales and marketing office is located in Exeter, NH downtown. Engineering office is in Singapore. HQ is in Redwood city, CA.

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What We're Building

LeadIQ is building a sales prospecting automation platform to increase sales productivity.
Currently we provide a slick yet simple way to build accurate prospect list, find contact info, enrich data, and sync to Salesforce. Soon we are adding the capabilities to automate reach-outs and follow-ups. Customers can tell us the kind of companies and roles to reach out to. We'll find the prospects, reach-outs, and follow-ups.

Here's what customers say about us

"Having trialled a number of different lead capture software services previous, LeadIQ stands out by a mile! It's slick, fast, accurate and saving me massive amounts of time. Look forward to using this platform far into the future." - Matthew Payne from Serchen

"Amazing product! We've tried quite a few of these types of softwares, and nothing works both as quickly and as accurately. "- Michael Sindicich from Apptimize

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LeadIQ Team

Angelo H
Co-Founder @LeadIQ, founding member of Yahoo! Hadoop team and bootstrappers of a few startups.
Mei Siauw
Co-founder of LeadIQ Wharton MBA • Cornell BSc in Computer Science • Product management, strategy, and marketing.
Ryan O'Hara
VP of Growth and Marketing @LeadIQ. Early employee @Dyn (Acquired by Oracle in 2016). Marketing mentor for @Alphaloft, Manchester, NH and @The Iron Yard
Noah Goldman
Driving 2X+ Sales Efficiency | Startup Advisor (YC, First Round, Sequoia Co's) | I help SaaS companies with sales process, lead generation, and team formation.
Enxhell Luzhnica
BSc at JUB, CS.
Taulant Bytyqi
Product Designer at LeadIQ
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LeadIQ Investors

David Mackler
graduate of several unknown startups, early co-founder, but am currently -- and we may need to discuss limiting scope to avoid possible conflicts here -- an executive in a large technology firm which buys enterprise startups.
Preetham Gaddam
Angel Investor in productivity & disruptive ventures
David Cory
CPA,Silver Lining VC, Founder, Angel Investor
Rocky Mehta
Entrepreneur, Investor @Accel India, @Cvent, ...
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