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Senior Software Engineer, iOS at Layer

San Francisco · Full Time
Layer makes communications better in products people love and use daily. We handle millions of messages every day for businesses around the world. Read More
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Job Description

We are looking for passionate mobile engineers to help us build Layer, the open communications layer for the Internet. At Layer, we provide a highly scalable messaging platform and everything developers need to use it in their apps. Thousands of developers and millions of users already rely on our platform for dating, banking, shopping, gaming, and numerous other creative uses. If you like thinking big and having an impact, you'll enjoy working with us!

You will join our core engineering team, working on our iOS products, contributing to:
- Layer SDK: A synchronization engine that manages messaging, networking, authentication, caching, notifications, typing indicators, querying, battery usage, and other aspects of world-class messaging.
- Atlas UI Toolkit: An open source set of customizable UI components built to support best-practices Layer SDK integrations.
- Atlas Messenger: An open source, fully-featured messaging app built on top of the Layer SDK, using the Atlas UI Toolkit.
- Documentation: Overviews, sample code, guides, and API docs supporting Layer's iOS products.

The ideal candidate is a solid generalist with a passion for API design who brings both deep technical understanding of the iOS platform and sound judgment to the role. You must have experience working on mobile products with a client-server architecture.

Key Qualifications:
- 5+ years experience in software development.
- 3+ years experience developing for iOS.
- Experience with client-server architectures.
- Strong fundamentals in API design and automated testing.
- Crisp written and verbal communication skills.
- Comfort working in a dynamic, cross-functional team with multiple concurrent product initiatives.
- Ability to give and receive constructive design, API, and code reviews.

Bonus points for:
- Previous direct contribution to a developer-focused product or a broadly deployed Open Source project.
- Technical Publications or Speaking Experience.
- Client/Server RPC (Thrift/Protocol Buffers/Avro/MsgPack, etc.).
- Experience with iOS profiling tools.

Please include these in your application:
- Code you’re proud of.
- Products or projects you’ve worked on.
- Languages you are fluent in, both human and technical.
- What you find most interesting about Layer.

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full stack cloud communications service - build messaging, voice and video into mobile and Web apps.

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