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Creating a better legal experience

LawTrades is a platform that lets you find specific legal projects performed by vetted freelance-attorneys at guaranteed fixed prices. Read More

What We're Building

LawTrades is creating a better legal experience. We're an online message-based platform that allows anyone to seamlessly find, hire, and work with the best lawyers. Our vision is to create a world with ubiquitous access to quality legal services at affordable prices.

It starts with a unique solution to a complex problem--send a message to get anything legal done, whenever you want. Incorporate, review contracts, protect IP, and more. Every project includes end-to-end project management, upfront prices, and top 1% lawyers.

LawTrades also empowers attorneys to become independent and provides the tools to virtually eliminate admin and overhead expenditures, so lawyers can drastically increase their productivity and pass savings onto clients.

And we're just getting started. LawTrades fundamentally changes the way we acquire and think about legal services. It's an elegant and minimalistic, yet powerful, interface that sits between a complex set of legal services.

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Open Positions


Raad Ahmed
Founder/CEO of @LawTrades. @State University Of New York At Buffalo J.D., Internet entrepreneur; launched successful Facebook web app
Robert Taussig
NY-based software developer, with experience in JavaScript, React.js, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Rails, SQL, and more.
Amit Roopnarine
Head of Product Design @LawTrades.
Christopher Miner
Curating some of the best lawyers from around the globe as the head of attorney ops at
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Our Investors

Billy Draper
Venture capital @Draper Associates and sometimes burgers.
Zachary Lucido
Andreas Schulmeyer
Masters in Aerospace from MIT 4 years consulting 12 years consumer goods experience 6 years retail/eCommerce Evaluating investments from a CFO perspective
Andre Ranadive
Angel Investor, Blessed
Steven Roussey
Architecture @Weebly ; Platform @Weebly ; & Commerce @Weebly. Firebug contributor. Creator of Illuminations. Founder of Network54. Advisor. Investor. Hacker.
Scott Fox / Fedewa
Serial Entrepreneur, Executive, Founder. Author of 3 popular Internet entrepreneurship books. Startup Mentor at
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