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We are small and agile and have a great time. We are challenging and changing the traditional and inefficient ways in which lawyers work. The "best" law firms going forward will be lean, doing away with unnecessary costs and cutting out institutional inefficiencies. They’ll do more — and better — work in less time with smaller staffs. Technology is going to play a key role in this transition and LawPal is going to be at the center of this revolution.
We are based in the Financial District.

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LawPal is part deal room, part project manager. It is a cloud-based workspace for planning, executing and tracking a transaction, allowing lawyers and clients centralized access to all documents, communications and notes. Stop asking "who's doing what" or "where is that final document". We help everyone on the team communicate ideas and organize the work to be done, bringing a sense of order and calm back to legal work.

We are based in San Francisco and our initial focus is solos/small firms. We launched at the ABA TechShow in Chicago to a great response. Don't take our word for it...

Project Management
Document Management
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Alex Halliday
Currently Director of Product at Teespring. Entrepreneurial product manager. Founder at @LawPal and @SocialGO. 10 years experience in startups.
Ross Crawford-d'Heureuse
CTO, python enthusiast, ruby user, advocate for coding as an investment
Yael Citro
Entrepreneur (with a JD) looking for a CEO who needs someone to take the headache away and just get stuff done.
Yekaterina Novikova
Full Stack Developer & Visual Designer. Designer/Developer @Inkshares. B.A. in Design from UC Davis, recently completed WDI Web Dev Bootcamp @General Assembly.
Chris Wharton
Creative web bloke


Vikrant Bhargava
Vikrant Bhargava
Entrepreneur, investor
BitRhymes, Petflow, UltraSolar, Llustre, Campanja,, eSight, Fornova, Peak, LawPal, Kidaptive,, YooMoo, Renmatix, Shoe Lovers, Bash Gaming, KF Beauty, Spot.IM
Net Jacobsson
Net Jacobsson
Co-founder & General Partner @SparkLabs Global Ventures & @SparkLabs Accelerator in Seoul. Former Executive at @Facebook. Father of 5. Mountain Biker.
EDEO (MinoMonsters), Payoff, Descomplica, Zanbato, OpenFeint, Sqwiggle, Crossfader, Good&Co, Lifesum, LawPal, Orange Chef, whodoyou, Petnet, iodine, Memebox, Brewbot, Castle, Code Kingdoms, Bucket by Enchanted Labs, WOO Sports, Sutro, Squirrel, Insensi, SelfScore, cryex, 42 debut
Frank Meehan
Frank Meehan
General Partner SparkLabs Global early stage fund. Formerly Board Director for Horizons Ventures at Spotify, Siri, Summly, Affectiva, TOM Group plus more.
Payoff, Pay By Group, Mino Monsters, 42,, Lifesum, LawPal, Blend, Orange Chef, Petnet, Parko, Edge, iodine, Memebox, Brewbot, Aire, ClauseMatch, WOO Sports, codekingdoms, Memebox, Squirrel, Tryum, Tryum
SparkLabs Global Ventures
Entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs globally.
EDEO (MinoMonsters), Payoff, Pay By Group, Zanbato, Hullabalu, Soundwave, KnowRe, Good&Co, Lifesum, LawPal, Stitch, Blend, Orange Chef, Petnet, Parko, iodine, Memebox, Brewbot, Aire, ClauseMatch, Code Kingdoms, 42debut, WOO Sports, Sutro, code kingdom, Memebox, Squirrel, Insensi, SelfScore
FF Angel
FF Angel
CapLinked, SharePractice, LawPal
Kima Ventures
The most active Angel investor in the world
Socialize, TekTrak, Mashed Pixel, AstroloMe, Movable Ink, DOZ, Storific, Evercontact, Swivl, Fooducate, Rapportive, Treatful, Manpacks, Adility (Acquired by inComm), Craft Coffee, CareDox, AngelList, Quote Roller, invino, Whitetruffle, Saygent, PerkHub, VideoStep, Modria, YellowBrck, Scoville, HeyCrowd, Kwarter, Chartio, Brass Monkey, Cake Health, Storybricks, Assured Labor, DocRun, Gezlong, Dishcrawl, ShareDesk, Lengow, EduKart, Clever Cloud, Formlabs, LOOKK, Festicket, TransferWise, spotflux, Pixowl, Cloud 66,, Blottr, Zula, Dress Rush, AppMakr, Kukunu, Plyce, ShareThis, E14N, DaWanda, Ifeelgoods, Planet Soho, Labotec, Lofty, Architurn, Captalis, Card.Biz /, Carwego, Covertix, Dweho, Effdon, FreshPlanet, iAdvize,, Leetchi, Restopolitan, SmallRivers, Sparrow, Verteego (Emerald Vision), 24Pagebooks, TicTacTi, Visual Revenue, Koinz, Financetesetudes, Mimesis Republic, GreenManGaming, Wibbitz, Movableink, PredictionIO, TripleMint, BetterDoctor,, Weekdone, Wingz, ZooZ, Vodio, Artsly, Pogoseat, Fanzy, NextUser, Homeloc, 12Bis, Adyoulike, BlueVine Ventures, BackOps, Futurelytics, Roomorama, Airseed, Quandora, Partnered, eShares, LaunchKey, Codebox, Codelearn, Sqord, Inspirational Stores, Voxeet, Immediately, Bourbon & Boots, Placemeter, Aniways, Leanplum, iSale Global, Vonjour, Boatbound, LawPal, MailLift, Whale Path, Instapio, State, Holidog, Tamatem, Orange Chef, 1001menus, BOXC, Starstable (World of Horsecraft), Wapital, Graine de Cadeaux, Total Availability (ZeZebra), CallResto, NetConstat, Dreamzer,, Yasound, Octoplus, Shoette, GetCab, Shopping Mail, MartMania, Simple Mail, VIDCOIN, Wizishop, amigoCAT, Bemopro, Renaissance Factory, OpenSearchServer, DeckDAQ, Wilogo, Delver, Caktus, Petnet, TrackDuck, Accredible, SMITH,, Hitch, Podo Labs, Instaply, Trakio, KEECKER, Curiyo, Tulip Retail, Greenbox, 22seeds, Akeneo, SixDoors, PandaDoc, Reelevant, CodersClan, BrightArch, Cobalt,, Teliswitch, AfriMarket, PushMarket, Travelnuts, Weft, SimpliField, ExpenseBot, Cheers In, Sponsify, Useful,, Gradible, Navdy, Mandaê, Mobi Rider, FanBread, Freenom, Seene, TapFwd, Tape, FabZat, Auxy, Localize, NextUser, haystagg, Pilot, Spire Sensibo, AdPushup, Agentdesks, Benny, GitBook, ActiveEon, Home61, RankPeek, 3DShook, Circle Medical, Tribe
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