Work at LawnStarter

Techstars 2014--Making lawn care easy, affordable and reliable.

We're early stage, and we're taking over a $71 Billion industry. This is your chance to have your dna all over a product that shapes the future of an industry. 

What We're Building

LawnStarter is attacking the $71 Billion highly fragmented lawn care market. The industry is antiquated, and companies both small and large lack the infrastructure and technology needed to provide even just a reasonable experience.

Thats where we come in. LawnStarter is taking away the pain of getting and managing high quality lawn service for your home.
With a few clicks, you can instantly schedule lawn maintenance and manage all outdoor services for your home.

Currently we are operational in the DC metro and Austin, TX with plans to establish ourselves as the dominate provider in the DC metro this upcoming spring.

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Open Positions


Ryan Farley
Hokie Alum, currently Co-founder @LawnStarter.
Steven Corcoran
Virginia Tech Alum, Founder @LawnStarter
Jonas Weigert
VT:CS Grad, Founder at LawnStarter
Brian Fryer
UI/UX designer/developer in Austin
Dan Balcauski
Experienced PM. Kellogg MBA.
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Our Investors

Varsha Rao
Head of Global Operations, Airbnb; SVP International @LivingSocial; Founder
Zachary Aarons
Real estate developer @MillenniumPartners and real estate tech investor @MetaProp NYC Former VC @Eniac Ventures Tour Guide @Travelgoat Brown BA, Columbia MBA.
Rob Taylor
Co-Founder/CEO @Convey , President @BlackLocus (Acq by Home Depot), Partner @Capital Factory, COO/GM @TrueCar (Nasdaq: TRUE), COO @quepasa-corporation 
Joshua Baer
Founded 3 email companies and @Capital Factory. Teaching @Longhorn Startup at @university-of-texas-austin. @Trilogy Alumni 1999. CS @Carnegie Mellon University .
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