Jobs at LaunchByte

A Unique Reverse-Angel High-Tech Accelerator

What We're Building is a non-traditional incubator / startup accelerator that provides services to start ups / early stage companies ranging from full development of IT platforms to marketing & business solutions. Instead of the traditional exchange of cash for equity, LaunchByte invests in startups using our resources & team. We have a 20+ strong team of developers experienced in all technologies including next-gen technologies such as AI, VR, AR, and IoT. Our incubees have had the option to compensate us with equity (so they can preserve their limited cash for overhead expenses while having a working product developed) or pay with a mixture of both cash & equity.

One product of LaunchByte is APPIO that was made and built to empower service-based small businesses, allowing them to harness the power of the mobile era. While having a custom app was before unattainable to many businesses, we have made Appio’s technology cost-effective (almost 10x cheaper) and intuitive for our clients.

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Jobs at LaunchByte

LaunchByte Team

Tan Kabra
CEO & Founder @LaunchByte , @VetX • Worked at @Uber, @Dassault Systemes , @KPMG • Studied at @Babson College
Anmol Wassan
Results-driven Startup Exec with proven success and significant global experience. MBA from Babson. Demonstrated success in taking ideas to execution.
Jim Zamer
Helping startup founders with investment, accelerated technology execution, strategy, revenue, and scale.
Olivia Kantyka
As a creative strategist, I value the art of first perceptions in product development through branding, design, marketing and strategy.
Vadim Kudriavtcev
I am a full stack engineer and manager of high- load systems. I created several games, social network applications, web-services.

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