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Smart Notifications - Engage your users on right device, at the right time.

We make no bones about it - Latis is an early company on the leading edge of a growing problem with a global audience. The technical challenges are high, but so is the opportunity. Read More
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What We're Building

Latis is how we're capturing the next big platform opportunity - notifications.

We're an intelligence layer that routes notifications to the right device, through the right channel, at the right time, ultimately reducing notification fatigue while improving UX and engagement.

Latis sits above end-delivery services such as Twillio, Parse, and Sendgrid. Once our server and client-side SDKs are in, a developer simply picks the end-delivery services they want to use from our dashboard and provide us with their credentials, drastically reducing a developer's pain and overhead from choosing, testing, and integrating them.

Our postion relative to these services and design of our SDKs means we can coordinate how notifications are distributed on a per-user basis, close the loop between sent and actioned notifications, simplify developer controlled logic, and manage notification house-keeping such as badge counts and cross-platform notification synchronisation.

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Latis Team

Ash Heskes
Product designer and expert full stack javascript dev with a passion for UX/UI. I apply human behaviour to drive interfaces and power data heavy applications.

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