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Transforming healthcare through artificial intelligence

- Apple Named Lark "Top 10 Apps" out of 2 million apps - Uber, Lark, Airbnb Named "Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the World" by Business Insider Lark is transforming healthcare through A.I. and helping every person who is struggling with health or chronic diseases build life-long healthy habits, the right way. Read More

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Recent Awards / Mentions:
- Apple's Top 10 Apps in the World
- Business Insider's most innovative companies in the world along with Uber and Snapchat:

At Lark, we’re on a mission to improve people’s health and happiness through our digital health coach AI which has become the first A.I nurse to be reimbursed as a live healthcare professional. Our app takes data from phones and wearables, and uses it to create a personalized health "chat bot" buddy that sticks with users and helps them stay active, sleep more, and eat healthy.

We are using NLP to process millions of meals, and accelerometer data to compute activity and sleep amounts from users' phones. Our chat AI is the most sophisticated digital health engagement tool in the world. Join us and make it even better!

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Jobs at Lark

Lark Team

Julia Hu
Founder Lark
Jeff Zira
VP Product at Lark Technologies
Vadim Axelrod
Tech start-up guy spanning industries - health care, ed-tech, usability, security, networking, real estate. Technical Advisor / CTO.
Cameron Jacox
Head of Growth, Lark. VP Sales & Emply#5, MyFinance. Founder/ceo (acquired). Advisor -,, MDS.
Yong Lin
iOS engineer in Lark Technolgies Inc.
Carl Chen
Full stack software engineer; studied at @Yale
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