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Silicon Valley · Full Time
- Apple Named Lark "Top 10 Apps in 2015" out of 2 million apps - Uber, Lark, Airbnb, WeChat Named "Top 10 Most Innovative apps in the World" by Business Insider Read More
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Job Description

A fun mix of Operations and Customer Service at a great Health & Wellness startup!

Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced startup environment, while juggling a lot of responsibilities. We anticipate the role to be operations focused, but with about ~25-50% of time spent on customer service.

Operations Associate responsibilities:
- manage process for engaging users to optimize revenue
- manage process for customer support to maximize efficacy
- optimize key interactions between customer-facing team and development team

Customer Service responsibilities include:
- customer support via email, text, social media (and occasionally by phone)
- organizing and tracking issues
- troubleshooting software issues and problem solving
- supporting marketing and business development tasks

Extra qualifications (not required, but makes you a stronger candidate)
- interest in health/wellness/nutrition
- interest in coaching

This is an entry-level position with a lot of room to grow, especially as our team and scales.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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What We're Building

Recent Awards / Mentions:
- Apple's Top 10 Apps of 2015
- Business Insider's most innovative:

At lark, we’re on a mission to improve people’s health and happiness through our digital health coach AI. Our app takes data from phones and wearables, and uses it to create a personalized health "chat bot" buddy that sticks with users and helps them stay active, sleep more, and eat healthy.

Our most recent product, Lark, was featured by Apple under "Best New Apps" and "Healthy Living" for the Apple Watch, and named "Best app for Apple's HealthKit" by Macworld. The lark activity tracker for Android is pre-installed on all Samsung S5 and Note4 phones.

We are using NLP to process millions of meals, and accelerometer data to compute activity and sleep amounts from users' phones. Our chat AI is the most sophisticated digital health engagement tool in the world. Join us and make it even better!

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