Landon Pollack

Managing Partner, @Ignite Venture Partners

Confirmed Investments · Invests 100k-2m per deal
What I Do

Landon has been a founder of, or founding investor in, more than two dozen companies, with exits ranging from IPOs to being acquired by Fortune 50 companies to private sales.


Before reaching 20, Landon had started four businesses, earning his first million dollars at 13 selling sports memorabilia by mail order (Baseball Fanatics). He went on to create a sports memorabilia and apparel store (Princeton Sports Corner) at 14 and then, at 16, as a certified personal trainer, he launched a personal training studio (Pollack’s PTS). At 18 he opened an exotic animal center (Exotic Reptiles).

In the ensuing 15 years, some of Landon’s ventures have included:
• A beverage company (Juice Bowl- acquired by Dole/Pepsi)
• A multi-media company (ClubCom- acquired by Amer Group, Precor)
• A robotically-controlled exercise system (Intelligent Health)
• A coaching and lifestyle company (PLP- private sale)
• A cable company (Cable Satisfaction- IPO)
• A non-alcoholic beverage conglomerate (Liboza Holdings, Inc.)
• A chain of yoga studios (Vitalize Studios)
• A telecom company (Uniconnexions)
• A social networking company (WeMeUs)
• A digital music company (MySongToYou)