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Lambda Labs

Jobs at Lambda Labs

GPU Workstations and Servers. Computation as an accelerant for human progress.

Lambda has grown 10x over the past year. Lambda provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning infrastructure to companies like Apple, Intel, Microsoft, MIT, Harvard, and the DOD. We’re headquartered in the Dogpatch and are a short walk from the 22nd Street Caltrain station.

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What We're Building

Lambda provides GPU hardware to the world's leading A.I. and Machine Learning researchers. Our hardware and software is optimized for Deep Learning right out of the box. That's way Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, NVIDIA, MIT, Princeton, and Stanford choose Lambda.

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Jobs at Lambda Labs

Lambda Labs Team

Stephen Balaban
Founder @Lambda Labs. GPU programming, deep learning, hardware, and China.
Mitesh Agrawal
I have strong interest in financial analysis and modeling roles through my engineering and data analysis background at a financial consulting firm.
Amar Sahinovic
Senior software engineer & founder of Lambda Labs

Lambda Labs Investors

James Hong
Founder of, Angel Investor.
Georges Harik
Distinguished Engineer at @Google (One of first 10 employees); PM & Strategy on Gmail, GTalk, Video, @Picasa, Orkut, Groups & Mobile. Co-dev of AdSense targeting.
Gary Bradski
Founder, CEO, Founder, CTO, Founded the SiValley office of Magic Leap Founder, CTO, Industiral Perception First employee,
Alexey Sokolin
Fintech entrepreneur, futurist, visual artist. Partner @Autonomous. Founder @AdvisorEngine @NestEgg , JD/MBA @Columbia University, Finance @Deutsche Bank @BARCLAYS