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職業僅為個人,事業則為大眾。立志成功事業,不怕沒有職業,專心謀求職業,不一定能成事業。 –《新亞學規》第五條,錢穆

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Lakoo (拉闊遊戲) was founded in 1999 in Hong Kong, developing mobile games since before the market existed. From 2G to 4G, from offline to online and from feature phone to smart phone, Lakoo holds a dream to create Canto-games that ship to the world.

Lakoo’s motto is the well-known “Good gamer karma” (好game有好報), a reflection of her strong believe that games can be a carrier to do good to society.

With an aim to deeply realize the believe, the co-founders of Lakoo has donated half of their shares to set up in 2014.

We are a group of simple people. One day we started to make games, then we keep making games every day, whole heartedly. We believe in simplicity at work. In a simple and efficient environment, we do nothing but games. We have a flat hierarchy with minimal bureaucracy. Each studio operates with great independency, yet always exchange ideas and knowledge with others in Lakoo. We always remember our game career is to bring joy to people and make the world a better one. We are simple but not naive. We are mature yet we don’t compromise.
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kin ko
kin ko ,
// founder of Lakoo // producer of Glory Chronicle // writer at chungkin Express, Mingpao and thestandnews // citizen of Hong Kong and Guangzhou
William Chong
Worked at @Lakoo
Edmond Yu
Cofounder of Cloud Pillar Limited, a web and mobile solution company which is a sister company of Lakoo group.
Aludirk Wong
Keen to work in the game industry and learn new technologies.

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