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Free Virtual Wedding Planner

LadyMarry is a smart wedding planning tool for brides (bridezillas). We apply data mining to this old-school industry, and recommend a personalized planning schedule with resourceful and in-demand information. You can check the web-version HERE ( All team members of  LadyMarry are from Stanford, UPenn and UMichigan.

What We're Building

#1 wedding app on Google Play. Top 5 new products on Product Hunt Daily.

LadyMarry ( is a virtual wedding planner, based on big data and artificial intelligence.

From now on, you don't need to spend $3000 hiring a wedding planner; instead, ask LadyMarry, and "she" will personalize your to-dos, collaborate with your friends, families, refer vendors, follow up important tasks and take handy notes - all is for free.

LadyMarry is featured on Product Hunt, SFGate, VoA, 7x7, etc.

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Jobs at LadyMarry

LadyMarry Team

Joanne RR
LadyMarry CEO • Worked at @KPMG Consulting, @Magazine partnership Manager• Studied at @Wharton School
Zayne Shen
Founder Fotavo User experience designer

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