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Winner of the New Product Award at Laboratory Automation Conference 2016.

"LabMinds Revo will revolutionize one of the most thankless but critical tasks in wetlab biology."
- PI & Customer at Memorial Sloan Kettering

"I explored every inch of this robot and it's marvelously designed"
- Genentech

Revo automates solution preparation for wet labs, a repetitive process using up 1,000,000h of researcher time every day, replacing a 30min procedure with two clicks on a smartphone.

Revo in action:

* Market: ~100,000 systems for ~500,000 labs
* Profitability & recurring revenue visible to investors below

* In production at a CMO in Vermont
* Installations at big pharmaceuticals in UK & US
* Support contracts in EU & US
* Chemicals Supply arranged with a blue chip company
* Tremendous barriers to entry
* Engaged with 19 of the top 25 pharmaceuticals by R&D spend

* Scale up Support, Logistics and Sales

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Open Positions


Ville Lehtonen
Founder @LabMinds, MBA Oxford, MSc Computer Science Aalto (Finland).
Camilla Oxley
Founder @LabMinds; AACR postdoctoral research fellow @University of Pennsylvania Medical School; PhD Biochemistry @University of Oxford
Jochen W. Klingelhoefer
Founder @LabMinds, PhD Comp Biophys @Oxford, MSc Comm Sys&Sig Proc @Bristol, @Oxford Entrepreneurs
Drew A
Drew A ,
Robotics Software Engineering, Data Science, Big Data, Unix System Administration, Customer Solutions Consulting
Michal Wozny
Founder @LabMinds, MBA Oxford, B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering @McGill University University (Canada)
drew plominski
Mechanical Design Engineer with cost savings at the very core of my philosophy.
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Our Investors

Mark Cummins
Co-Founder of Plink (acquired by @Google); Engineer on @Google Goggles; PhD in Robotics at Oxford.
Thomas Schmelzer
First external Investor in @LabMinds, Portfolio Manager in a CTA, PhD Maths, @University of Oxford, Rhodes Scholar
Oriel College
Wilf Stephenson, Treasurer Oriel College, @University of Oxford University.
Lucius Cary
Managing Director, Oxford Technology Management (VC)

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