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The scientific way to shop.

Labdoor helps consumers buy safe and effective dietary supplements. Read More
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What We're Building

Labdoor is a marketplace where consumers research, find, and buy the best supplements.

To verify the purity and potency of these products, Labdoor first buys and tests actual dietary supplement samples:
• We send each product to an FDA-registered laboratory for a detailed chemical analysis.
• Our researchers then collect the laboratory results and use internal algorithms to translate this data into simple grades and rankings for consumers.
• Find a product you want? Click "buy it now" to purchase via affiliate links or directly from Labdoor.

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Labdoor Team

Helton Souza
CTO of @Labdoor • Founder/CEO: Tera & Creata • Co-Founder: Show Me Pigs • Started career as freelance Java developer for multinational corporations in Brazil.
Rafael Ferreira
CMO at Labdoor.
Riccardo Dina
Worked at 2 YC companies, speak 5 languages, worked in Europe, Africa, Australia and US. Problem solving, operations and logistics specialist.
Josh Santos
Chief of Staff @Labdoor | Chem.-Bio.Eng. B.S. '14 @Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Work like you might lose it all tomorrow.
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