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We are focused on creating and serving personalized AI models built around organization-wide knowledge bases. We are utilizing the latest in deep learning techniques including sequence to sequence modeling in Tensorflow. Working with means not only not being afraid to do research on recent academic findings but also being willing to implement many of your findings.

Expertise in machine learning/deep learning required. Specifically in at least three of these categories:
1. Base Tensorflow modeling
2. Natural Language Generation
3. NLP using deep learning
4. Sequence to Sequence neural networks
5. implementation of RNN’s

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What We're Building

Kylie works with enterprise organizations to automate their conversations using Kylie's AI engine. Organizations can leverage Kylie to connect their disparate systems and support channels to automate conversations. Kylie has built an AI engine that ingests data from different CRM systems, email, live chat, social media, order management systems, and more. Kylie then understands what type of questions customers are asking to create an automated response.

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