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Kura Technologies

Lead Electrical / Hardware Engineer at Kura Technologies

San Francisco · Full Time

Kura Technologies is an augmented reality company focused on building the next generation AR optics/display module. Our platform is designed to be integrated with software companies to provide enterprise and consumer solutions.

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Job Description

We are a San Francisco based start-up building a next generation augmented reality (AR) module.

About the Role:

Kura Technologies is a fast-paced, rapidly growing and exciting tech start-up seeking a Lead Electrical/Hardware Engineer. You have the opportunity to make a huge impact on the organization and have the potential to become Kura Technologies’ CTO. As a Software R&D Engineer, you’ll focus on bringing the Kura vision to life. You’ll collaborate with other engineers, designers and product managers to execute on a broad range of projects. You will work on:

-AR/VR Electronics
-Circuit and PCB Design
-Board manufacturing and testing
-Other exciting electrical and hardware engineering tasks

What we’re looking for in an ideal candidate:

-Someone with experience with electronics or AR/VR products
-A person with experience in both circuit and PCB design
-Someone who has worked before on board manufacturing and testing
-Knowledge of at least 1 PCB design tool, including Altium, Diptrace, Eagle, etc.
-Someone with an understanding of basic firmware programming
-A curious and motivated individual who is a fast learner
-A responsible and reliable team player (you will be collaborating with other optical, software, hardware, product engineers, and suppliers)

Perks and Benefits:
-Dog friendly. Bring your furry friends to work. Dogs at the office!
-Fully-stocked micro kitchen. We have snacks, on snacks, on snacks! You’ll never go hungry.
-Health benefits

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What We're Building

100 and 135 degree field of view compact Augmented Reality glasses with customized designed optical module, and tracking integration.

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