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Kubernetes Consultant at Kublr

Washington DC, Remote · Contract

Our growth is founded on our uncompromising commitment to the quality of those who work for us. They are innovators, catalysts for ideas, and the bedrock of our reputation for building game-changing technology solutions. They wake up each morning, proud of what they do and excited for what's next. They also know that it's a future that includes them. By focusing on long-term strategy we've achieved a sustainable, successful business model that nurtures meaningful career growth.

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Job Description


Are you genuinely passionate about software, development, and technology? Could you stay up all night having technical conversations on programming and tech projects? Do you closely follow the latest technology trends? Then, we should talk.

* Contribute technical expertise to content creation and new initiatives
* Establish and set up demo environments
* Engage with the developer community on platforms such as Reddit, Quora and Stack Overflow
* Report insights back to the product development team and actively help improve Kublr based on user needs
* Work closely with marketing to come up with new, innovative ideas to engage developers
* Strategize on how to generate interest in Kublr and drive subscriptions

* 3+ years of development experience
* Deep knowhow of DevOps, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.
* Ability to translate complex topics into simple and clear explanations
* Strong written, verbal, storytelling and visual communication skills

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Kublr is a production-ready cluster and application platform that speeds and simplifies the set up and management of Kubernetes for your applications. Incubated by EastBanc Technologies (, Kublr offers a range of out-of-the-box features such as automated backup and recovery, Kubernetes-ready applications as well as enterprise security. To learn more, visit

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What We're Building

Kublr is a production-ready cluster and application platform that speeds and simplifies the set-up and management of Kubernetes for your applications. Learn more, visit

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Kublr Team

Oleg Chunikhin
Software architect with experience in enterprise system design and development. Interested in HPC, AI, robotics and all things science, tech and future
Anton Bobykin, PMP, CSM
Project Manager, PMP, CSM • Work at @Sympli, @EastBanc Technologies
Catherine Paganini
CMO at Kublr, a startup incubated by EastBanc Technologies. Worked at @Booz Allen Hamilton, @The Washington Post Company