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Fun Eating Experiences.

The growing food culture Kommunity! Komeeda is redefining how people experience food by bringing the culinary arts to the forefront with delicious dishes, satiating stories, all with fellow food lovers! Read More

What We're Building

Komeeda was built to connect eateries with food-lovers looking for new and exciting food experiences. We created a marketplace for eateries to create customized dining experiences for casual diners/foodies to enjoy. We want people to discover new restaurants, taste new dishes, and interact with their hosts and fellow eaters.

Komeeda is the go-to marketplace for restaurant dining experiences to attract new customers by uniquely marketing themselves to a experience-driven, socially engaged audience who consider dining out as an experimental, cultural, & quality experience.

The Komeeda platform will harness a “kommunity” of member profiles which include both restaurant & foodie users. Profiles will maintain general details (photo, name, ratings, etc.) and a activity history within the platform including gatherings attended/hosted, ratings, etc. The gatherings are reviewed solely by the confirmed attendees, creating an unbiased resource of credible reviews, which is openly accessible.

Winner of Taco Showdown NYC a Komeeda Fun Eating Experience !
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Jobs at Komeeda

Komeeda Team

Jabber Al-Bihani
Founder of @Komeeda . Food is a vehicle to build stronger communities and enrich understanding. A community builder and building builder. Speaker at SxSW 2018!
William Mantegna
Hustlin' software engineer focused on developing new & efficient solutions to the worlds problems.
Nandi Anderson
Current graduate student with a variety of communications and customer service experience. I love to travel and I love working with people!

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What makes Komeeda a unique place to work at?
We're a team of dedicated individuals looking to grow something out of thin air, and we're getting some steam! The founders are a pair of Temple University alumni who want to bridge the gap between food makers and food lovers through technology. We've built a marketplace that brings the hungry individual the world of Fun Eating Experiences! Whether they're multi-course communal brunches or dinners by our delicious restaurant hosts, our interactive culinary competitions, or our creative pop-up experiences, people will find opportunities to enjoy food from all cuisines during a one-of-a-kind experience! So we've been testing with a variety of experiences, and have been working on growing our presence through interactive experiences with large scale productions, down to our core business of a restaurant experience platform. We are currently supported by a team of six interns who are all essential to the LEAN growth of our company, and we hope to find similar members to join a young and growing company who will make a difference in the food hospitality industry.
Jabber Al-Bihani
Employee at Komeeda