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Developer Environment as a Service, for individuals and teams.

Hiring in San Francisco · 11-50 Employees · $10M Series B in 2015... ·

Koding is a feature rich cloud-based development environment complete with free VMs, an attractive IDE & sudo level terminal access.

The Koding platform provides all you need to move your software development to the cloud. You will be up and running in minutes on your own cloud-based Linux boxes where you can learn programming languages like Ruby, Go, Java, NodeJS, PHP, C, C++, Perl, Python…the list goes on! You can experiment with installing/configuring/hacking Wordpress, Laravel, Django, Bootstrap and a slew of others or fire up a MySQL, Mongo, Postgres server with the click of a button.

Our collaboration features allow you to pair-program with your friends and colleagues by allowing you to share (in real-time) your web-based IDE, Terminal and white board. Koding also features a robust developer community. You can share ideas, get questions answered and learn new things from the social aspects of Koding.

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Cloud Computing
Application Platforms
Developer Tools
Web Hosting


San Francisco
Full Time
$175K – $250K
0.1% – 0.3%


Devrim Yasar
CEO / Co-Founder @Koding
Sinan Yasar
VP Product / Co-Founder @Koding
Nitin Gupta
biz dev and revenue @Koding. Previously at @Issuu , @Stipple, @Retailigence, @Cisco, @IBM. @Kellogg School of Management alum, closet photographer.
Sönmez Kartal
I am a computer science enthusiast. I am a full stack minded developer. I have two years of DevOps experience.


Kirill Sheynkman
Kirill Sheynkman
Managing Director at @RTP Ventures. Three time founder and CEO, Venture Partner at Greycroft, technologist at heart now running a VC fund.
GridGain Systems, Koding, Tinfoil Security, Cake Health, Richrelevance, Techstars,, RingCentral, Drawn to Scale, Precog
Greycroft Partners
VC focused on early stage Internet and mobile companies.
NiftyThrifty, Media Armor, Marketbright, Scopely, Playdek, 9GAG, Koding, Daily Secret,, Buddy Media, Tynt, Venmo, Klout, Buzzd, OggiFinogi, Etouches, Resonate, Panvidea, The Huffington Post, Babble, ImageSpan, MoVoxx, TagMan, Pump Audio, Instantly, Extreme Reach, Ixtens, Viddy, Pulse, Worldwide Biggies, GameSalad, Openbucks, Netsertive, Sometrics, WideOrbit, OnePIN, Steelhouse, Crowd Fusion, Nativo, Vuze, K2 Network, App Annie, LongTail Video, Ladies Who Launch, Takkle, Amplify.LA, Vizu, Radiate Media, Livefyre, Performance Horizon Group, Digisynd, Kingmaker, Doppelganger, BetterCloud, Nomi,, Health Plan One, Wochit, Validately, Moonfrye, LicenseStream, Bread, Cord, Azimo, Vitals (, All Def Digital, PlumTV, Nimble TV, Lucid Commerce (PrecisionDemand), Thrive Market, Boxed, mytable, Sourcepoint
Matrix Partners
Taulia, TribeHR, Postmates, Koding, Conductor, Huddler, TheLadders, Zendesk, Zestcash, Polyvore, BuyWithMe, HubSpot, Zong, Tabblo, CloudSwitch, Digium, OpenSpan, SpiderCloud Wireless,, Text+, VideoIQ, Quora, Huddle, GrabCAD, Olacabs, Aruba Networks, Aylus Networks, Plexxi, Mazu Networks, Inflection, Gilt Groupe, Vegrandis, Hyper9, Echonest, Kalido, Renkoo, Tealeaf, Framehawk, Virtual Iron Software, MinuteKey, Qualtre, CloudBees, Skyfire, Carbon Design Systems, Sparkroom, The Echo Nest, Bonanza, Intent Media, Adelphic, Sqrrl, Kinnek, VeriVue, Envio Networks, Unidesk, Crossbeam Systems, Aquto, ColdWatt (Now Flextronics), Akorri Networks, LimeRoad, TalkTo, Xikota Devices, Fastback Networks, QPID, SageCloud, Acacia Communications, AltSchool, Salsify, Affirmed Networks, The Fanfare Group, Zaius, lmbang, Qihoo 360 Technology, Cloudnine Hospitals, Buzzwire, Camiant, Diligent Technologies, Aipai, Blue Lane Technologies, Quikr India
Bob Pasker
Bob Pasker
Cofounder/chief architect of @WebLogic . 13yrs investor/advisor (Jive, Nutanix, Sentient, StackExchange, Mint). Former CTO-in-Residence Accel and Azure.
AppFog, Datadog, Koding, vCider, Nutanix, Tervela, Servo Software, Stack Overflow, CrowdTwist, Mocana, Rixty, Nodejitsu, Azul Systems, OneTrueFan, Terracotta, Genetic Finance, Tealeaf, Veri, Dispatch, Cask Data, Mint, Memoir,, IrisVR, Localize, Signal Sciences, Awearable Apparel
Nihal Mehta
Nihal Mehta
Founder & Exec Chair @Localresponse, GP @ @Eniac Ventures, GP @India Internet Group. 14+ years experience investing and operating across the mobile ecosystem.
Thumb, StepOut, NearVerse, Elevate, Breezy, TigerTrade, TapToLearn, Vungle, NationBuilder, Fitocracy, Uber, Koding, Clothia, ShowMe, IMRSV,, Localytics, Hinge, Kanvas, InVenture, Instinctiv, FaithStreet, Cameo, Dekko, Circa, Vistar Media, Fondu, Admob, MightyMeeting, Fixmo, Billing Revolution, Buzzd, Simperium, Hashable, American Idiot on Broadway,, Philomedia, Localresponse, Onswipe, Neverware, JumpRamp Games, Tapad, SpotOn, Sonar, Koduco, Visibli, AppHero, Tempo AI, Signal360 (formerly Sonic Notify), Glide, Ignighter, irrive, EkSMS, Wild East Group, Wefunder, Metaresolver, 24/7 Techies, BioBeats, Virtual Intelligence Technologies, Ek SMS, abreakplease, Buck, Trumaker, Winston Network, Frrole, Tookitaki, Voyat, iLabs (Part of 247-Inc), Just Sing It, tap commerce, TrulyWireless, mParticle, Snaplion, Findable, American Idiot, SwiftKey, Change Collective, Owlet Baby Care, Shake, StockUp, MaestroIQ, AppVirality, SquadRun, Luxe, WayUp (formerly Campus Job), Strut, Jobr, WUT, Healthvana, Boxed
Peter Secor
Peter Secor
* Grown multiple software development and delivery organizations * angel investor * lecturer UC Berkeley (data analytics), Mills College (enterprise technology)
urbantag, Koding, Contacts+, AppSmyth, Flotype, OLX,,,, ClearServe, PredictionIO, uBiome, Appvance, Volta Industries, SocialVolt, System Insights, Stream, Industrial Microbes, Pure Chat, GuestDNA

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