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Developer Environment as a Service, for individuals and teams.

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What We're Building

Get developers up & running on any project, from anywhere in just 5 minutes with Koding. Flawlessly configured dev environments in one click. No matter how complex your project is, Koding for teams makes it insanely easy to share your entire development stack with anyone, anywhere. Bring your cloud credentials, describe your instances, and let your developers connect to that environment with their IDEs.

Koding cuts painful “setup” time out of your development workflow for good.

Programmers get everything they need to spin up full-stack, project-specific environments in seconds. We call it Development Environment Automation.

Product walkthrough:

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Devrim Yasar
CEO / Co-Founder @Koding
Sinan Yasar
Chief Product Architect / Co-Founder @Koding
Nitin Gupta
CBO @Sticky. Previously at @Koding, @Issuu , @Stipple, @Retailigence, @Cisco, @IBM. @Kellogg School of Management alum, closet photographer.
Cole Fox
Ideas guy who loves tech. Deep background in sales, public speaking, events, hackathons, HR tech, and getting sh*t done.
George Sibble
VP Operations @Koding • Founder @Omnivore • Studied at @Vanderbilt University
Sönmez Kartal
I am a computer science enthusiast. I am a full stack minded developer. I have two years of DevOps experience.
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Our Investors

Richard Chen
International Daddy of Mystery. Investor. Hatena (Board), @Google (PM), @OptoMail (Founder), @Barclays Global Investors (Mktg)
Peter Secor
grown multiple software development and delivery organizations engineering at FB early stage investor/advisor
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