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Programming curriculum for kids 5+

What could be better than impacting the lives of millions of kids? Help us teach the skills kids need in the 21st Century. Kodable is a programming curriculum for elementary school students. Used in schools 1 in 2 US schools - and homes in over 100 countries - Kodable provides parents and teachers with tools they need to help kids learn. Read More
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What We're Building

Kodable is a programming curriculum used by over 50% of elementary schools in the United States. We make computer science easy to teach through an all-in-one curriculum designed for a typical elementary school teacher. Everything they need is presented in one complete package, requiring no previous computer science experience to use it. Teachers no longer need to use cobbled together solutions that fall short of teaching students to code.

Furthermore, by enabling teachers to start teaching outcomes oriented computer science in Kindergarten, it gives administrators and purchasers proof that Kodable can be used with the entire student population.

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Jobs at Kodable

Kodable Team

Jon Mattingly
CEO and Co-Founder at @Kodable. University of Louisville football. Wrote first line of code at 6 on a computer with no mouse.
Grechen Huebner
Founder @Kodable. Studied at @University of Louisville. Self taught graphic designer. @Imagine K12 Fall '13 alum. Westly Prize winner.
Brianna Gray
Community and Curriculum at Kodable. Teach for America alumni, former teacher for OUSD and Caliber Beta Academy.

Kodable Investors

Brian Marks
CTO at @Trinket. Technical founder and former CTO of @WebAssign. Computer Science from NC State.
Eric Ries
Author of The Lean Startup
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