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Turn Any Surface Into a Remote Control

Join the most exciting and fast paced technology startup in Houston! Knocki is a venture-backed smarthome hardware company with exciting momentum and rapid growth. It's technology has been featured in Popular Science, TechCrunch, Engadget, Business Insider, and more!

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What We're Building

Knocki is a small wireless device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces into natural and delightfully simple control interfaces for smart devices. With Knocki mounted on or under tables, walls, doors, and more, the entire surface "comes to life". By tapping or gently knocking simple patterns anywhere on a Knocki-activated surface, a user can control lights, switches, thermostats, TVs, coffee machines, and more.

Knocki is already in production with tens of thousands of customers in over 90 countries, has significant retail opportunities, and its underlying technology is protected by robust utility patents.

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Jobs at Knocki

Knocki Team

Ohad Nezer
Co-Founder of Knocki. Experienced entrepreneur in several industries. Strong business background, experience in finance, business development. Mays MBA 08.
Jake Boshernitzan
Co-founder & CEO at Knocki. Founder of Ridester and Linkable. Had two profitable exits in 2015, generated over $7 million via his web startups.
Jaime Raijman
Jack of all trades in design. I challenge the hard tasks head on, create comprehensive and detailed plans for fantastic UX/UI per product. Usability is my game.
Mark Zepeda
Building software @ Knocki. I love to build with Node, React, React Native, Redux, and Mongo. I'm passionate about learning and exploring.

Knocki Investors

Bryan Bulte
Managing Partner Livwell Ventures Investor in 30 startups (Tech and CPG). Gas Pedal, Growth Funnel Addict, and Biohacker.
DJ Monteilh
Actively investing in seed and growth stage companies with proven traction in the health and wellness space.
Samuel Wilkinson
Investor in 18 Startups. Veterinarian at Wilkinson Veterinary Clinic. Looking for projects and people that inspire me.
Experience with Account Management, Business Development, Strategy, Sales Operations, Digital Marketing, Program management, People management, Training

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