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Hi. You found us. Awesome. That wasn't random. Something led you here. An instinct. A curiosity. A glimpse at potential. Good. That's how we feel about Klue. We're a group of experienced biz + tech entrepreneurs solving a problem 85m+ companies have. We care about what we build and iterate at a sprinter's pace. We don't tolerate posers and fully support doers. Risk taking encouraged. Own your zone, experiment, find what works, then hammer it through to success with the support of the team around you. Vancouver angel investors you've heard of have invested in us. B2B companies you've heard of are playing with us. If this speaks to you, speak to us.

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Job Description

Looking for that perfect early stage opp? Join a high growth, venture backed, blue chip client startup and work with people who have scaled technology from 0 to 100m users and businesses from 0 to $100m+. Klue is BC Tech's Startup of the Year.

You'll be driving the scalable future for Klue alongside our CTO. As a key part of the development team, you'll work directly on the core product and help drive the technical architecture.

What you can expect from Klue:
1. You'll have a voice, opinions aren’t just welcome, they're expected
2. You'll work with an experienced team, 100 years of combined biz + tech
3. You'll work on big problems, the kind 85m companies have
4. You'll get ground floor options, flexible vacation and free access to a gym
5. You'll choose your own equipment
6. No politics, no posers: open, honest, I've-got-your-back environment

What we expect from you:
1. You've built scalable distributed systems
2. You're competent in multiple high level languages (ruby, python, js)
3. You've worked in agile, iterative development, mockups to production
4. You've got devops experience w/AWS/Google Cloud + containers
5. You've scaled high-performance DB's, SQL or NoSQL w/full text search
6. You're well versed in git
7. You know microservices, service oriented architectures, API's across multiple stacks, service isolation, load balancing etc.
8. You've got a CS degree or equivalent and at least 5 years experience
9. You're an independent problem solver, thinker and tinkerer with a high IQ

Interested in or already successful in pair programming? Let us know. Lastly, if you just talk about new tech and don't actually originate or experiment with it, we're not your company. We're looking for the curious who commit to learning by doing.

Klue is a collaborative, diverse and inclusive workplace. Candidates who identify as a minority are welcome and encouraged to apply. Apply through Angel List or better, email Sarathy at hello@klue.com.


software engineer
software developer
back-end developer
backend developer
backend engineer
back-end engineer
full stack developer
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What We're Building

Klue provides a lens into your competitor's world, continuously updating and connecting dots to help you win more business. It is a new way to capture, manage and communicate insights from the web and across the company, in platforms you already use. Targeting enterprise B2B tech companies.

So what is Klue again?
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Klue Team

Jason Smith
CEO @Klue, President @Vision Critical startup to 500+, cofounder @Columbus Group (acquired by NYSE: TU), VP @Electronic Arts, E&Y Emerging EoY
Sarathy Naicker
CTO @Klue, former Chief Tech @Sophos / ActiveState, built email tech that saved 100M users from 1T spam, open source vet, Perl pumpking '98-'02, BArch, CS-UMich
Bjorn Burscher
Data Scientist and Software Engineer who likes to wear many hats and solve challenging problems.
Nick Bouton
Lead Full-Stack Engineer @Klue. Ex-principal @Taunt Media, founder @Protagonize. Award-winning F/E developer & community architect w/20 yrs dev experience.
Jesse Korzan
Product Design & Design Leadership. Inventor of this: https://jessekorzan.github.io/expodal/ Works here: https://www.klue.com/
David Washer
Partnerships, Renewals, Account Growth, Strategic Consulting (Projects: Financial projections, Pitch decks, Industry Reports, Operations) MBA at UBC Sauder
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Jason Smith
Founder at Klue
What is your office environment like?
Everyone is here to work but the vibe is casual, supportive and open.
Jason Smith
Founder at Klue
What makes Klue a unique place to work at?
High-calibre, talented team. I enjoy the fast pace and the laughs. Big respect for the product focus and the shared vision. Key stand-out is how everyone is well-researched and dedicated to continuous learning. Sharp ppl to surround yourself with.
Jesse Korzan
Senior Product Designer at Klue since 2017

Klue Investors

Daniel Debow
co-founder @Rypple, sold to Salesforce. co-founder Workbrain, sold to Infor. co-founder Creative Destruction Lab. SVP @Salesforce.
Ryan Holmes
Lover of dogs, owls, inner discovery and outdoor pursuits. Entrepreneur, investor and future enthusiast. Founder and CEO of @Hootsuite .
Jonathan Ehrlich
Partner at Foundation Capital.
Andrew Lugsdin
Partner, IT Venture Fund, @BDC Venture Capital
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