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We at Klout are pioneering the science behind social media. To make this happen we are searching for trailblazers—people who think outside the establishment and work harder than anyone else. If this is you, apply to join our visionary team of Kloutlaws.

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Binh Tran
Venture Partner @500 Startups, previously co-founder @Klout
Joe Fernandez
Cofounder and CEO of Joymode. Cofounder and former CEO of @Klout. Lithium Technologies board member. Just trying to get enough beans to make a burrito
Prashanth Bala
Founder @UpRoar • Worked at @Klout, @Facebook • Studied at @Carnegie Mellon University
Jeff Grimes
Founder UpRoar • Worked at @Klout, @Facebook • Studied at @University of Pennsylvania, @Wharton School
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