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A justice system for the internet age

Kleros is an Ethereum autonomous organization that works as a decentralized third party to arbitrate disputes in every kind of contract. The dispute process and its results are enforced through smart contracts. It relies on game theoretic incentives to have jurors rule cases correctly. The result is a dispute resolution system that renders ultimate judgements enforced by smart contracts in a fast, inexpensive, secure and decentralized way. You can see an overview of the project by taking a look at our landing page (, Devcon3 presentation ( and short white paper (, please read at least this one before applying and mention it in your intro, but keep in mind that it's a <1.0 version not up do date). For a more detailed presentation of the project you can also look at our medium posts ( Read More
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Jobs at Kleros

Kleros Team

Clément Lesaege
Kleros CTO. Blockchain skills (Computer Science, Game Theory and Cryptography). UTC engineering degree, Georgia Tech MSCS.
Federico Ast
Ph.D. - Blockchain Entrepreneur - Founder at Kleros - Singularity University
Nicolas Wagner
Web3 developer
Sam Vitello
Software Engineer at Kleros
Enrique Piqueras
Web Dev. Distributed Systems.
Stuart James
2 x BAFTA winner. Millions of plays both online and traditional broadcast. Early crypto adopter. Well versed in IT. Communication Lead @Kleros

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