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Changing how businesses send email.

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What We're Building

Email is the #1 communication channel between companies and their customers and users. At Klaviyo, we're building the best platform to send email. We believe creating relevant, beautiful, personalized emails should be easy.

Today, companies spend up to 80% of their time just creating and managing emails. Our mission is to change that and let marketers focus on what they do best, being creative and crafting amazing content their customers will love. From newsletters to targeted campaigns or every day transactional emails, Klaviyo is the intuitive email platform for creating, managing and measuring every email a business sends.

Jobs at Klaviyo

Klaviyo Team

Andrew Bialecki
Co-founder at @Klaviyo. Previously at @Performable, Applied Predictive Technologies.
Ed Hallen
Co-founder at @Klaviyo. Previously at @Applied Predictive Technologies, @Accel-KKR and @Google. MIT @MIT Sloan School of Management MBA and BS from @University of Virginia in Systems Engineering.
Brian Whalley
Inbound marketing since 2007, always working on building marketing presence and systems at early-stage startups.
Eli Lederman
Passionate, energetic business & operations leader who most enjoys building effective & efficient machines made up of great people.
Alexandra Edelstein
Current: Product @ Klaviyo. Past: Directed outreach strategy for a national Goldman Sachs small business initiative.
Katherine Keuper
MSc CS UCL, Harvard Economics, mobile developer w/ experience in iOS & Swift
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Klaviyo Investors

TJ Mahony
Venture Partner @Accomplice | CEO/Founder @FlipKey (acq by TripAdvisor) | OG @Compete (acq by ComScore)| Advisor @Handy @Drizly @Lovepop @Grapevine |Friend to many
David Cancel
CEO of @Drift. Ex-Chief Product Officer of @HubSpot. Previously started @Performable, @Ghostery, @Lookery and @Compete.
Jon Karlen
Early-stage investor and Founder of Astral Capital. Investments include @Klaviyo @PillPack @OpenEnglish @Digital Lumens @Teachable @Lovepop @Robin
Elias Torres
Founder @Drift and @Performable, technical executive in two other startups including @HubSpot and obsessed with building startup engineering teams.
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