Kirsten Green

Founder @Forerunner Ventures. Partner to entrepreneurs leading the digital commerce revolution by bringing dynamic shopping experiences to life across online and mobile platforms.

Confirmed Investments · Invests $500K per deal
What I Do

With a focus on technology enabled consumer companies, many of the businesses I invest in are well supported by tech savvy (co)investors with meaningful experience in their respective domains. What is often absent around the table is an investor that brings a focus on brand building, consumer behaviors, evolution of the retail marketplace, even physical product. I aim to bring perspectives on those important factors, among other things.

As a (former) equity research analyst, investor and company board member, my experience spans multi-billion dollar enterprises to pre-revenue start-ups. Being able to draw connections between large and small companies provides a well-rounded perspective on successful business models, operational and market issues, and consumer trends.

What I'm Looking For