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As an operator, I have had two IPOs and two exits to public companies. As an investor, I have had multiple exits and one IPO. I am a hands-on, value added investor and only syndicate deals where I hold a board seat or am a formal advisor.


I will syndicate deals where I hold a board seat or am a formal advisor, and where I believe AngelList is a fit.

Kirby Winfield
Took GNET and MCHX public. CEO at AdXpose (sold to SCOR) and Dwellable (sold to AWAY/EXPE). Investor/Board at SharperAgent (sold to Z). Founding GP at
Acquired by MediaMath in 2014
Acquired by Market Leader (Acquired by Trulia) in 2011
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Kirby has been an early investor in Keepe. He supports you when you are down, is a great sounding board for strategy sessions, lets you run your business, and is a great connector. He introduced me to 2 other great investors who also invested in Keepe. Kirby's background as a CEO/operator...more
Kirby has been instrumental in our progress at Package Guard. He has been an advocate for us as a investor and also has given great feedback as a user and operator. He is extremely helpful talking through challenges in the day to day world of a startup. He is both supportive and critical in his...more
Kirby brings up-levels our business in every way. He's the first to push us to see beyond the horizon, but also very careful about keeping us tactical and on track vis-a-vis goals we set together. Kirby brings a level of rational, concrete insight to our board sessions, and has been an...more
Matthew Berk
For Kirby Winfield's work with Bean Box
Kirby's experience as an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO has immeasurably helped Stackery. I look forward to our calls and value his counsel and experience. It's been so great to work with an investor who can honestly say, "Oh yeah, I remember what that phase is like," when...more
Nate Taggart
For Kirby Winfield's investment at Stackery
Kirby is a wise-beyond-words kind of guy. He is direct and objective in his guidance, but open, curious, fair and always empathetic. His questions, while challenging, bring out the best in a person to refine an idea or to solve a problem. I am totally grateful to have Kirby in my group of...more
Expert in the online travel space
Ryan Stobie
For Kirby Winfield's investment at Adventure Bucket List
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