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Head Scientist at Kiran

San Francisco Bay Area · Full Time
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Job Description

We’re looking for an expert in mammalian stem cell culture to help build out our technical platform. The ideal candidate has experience in some of:
- Tissue engineering
- Cell line development
- 3D cell culture
- Cellular reprogramming
- Gene editing
- Bioprocess development

Kiran is a startup which means that everyone works hard and wears many different hats. Expect to be in a fast paced, intense, low-supervision environment where you have the freedom to innovate and make a lasting mark on the technical foundations of the company.

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What We're Building

We're developing technology to grow meat directly from animal cells. Our unique insights will allow us to bring down costs, making it feasible to feed the growing world population. Our vision is to make premium quality, delicious meat products that are better than what’s possible with an animal.

Our first step: premium meat snacks. Right now, meat snacks sacrifice quality for convenience. In order to prevent bacterial contamination, producers have to blast meat snacks with preservatives, and suck out all of the moisture. No longer with cellular agriculture - our bacteria-free process will allow our meat snacks to be better quality than what’s even possible with an animal. We’ll create restaurant-quality meat that you can take anywhere.

Kiran Team

Robert Yaman
Founder and CEO of Kiran. Ex-Google SWE, Yale Philosophy. Wants to crush factory farming.