Work at KiraKira

Teaching girls engineering & 3D printing through online art & design lesson.

KiraKira believes that anyone can create and our goal is to inspire a passion for STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) through educational video classes made by young women for young women. KiraKira is a community of young women who will be the students, leaders, makers, engineers, and architects of tomorrow. Our platform teaches the fundamentals of building high quality, real-world 3D design objects and developing them into physical products. Our mission is to arm female makers with the skills they need to pursue careers in technology and change the world for the better.

What We're Building

We are redesigning the way girls learn engineering, through online 3D printing classes. We offer a rich and unique experience with our 3D printed packages, combining both the online 3D print class + the tangible 3D printed reward. More broadly, KiraKira is an online community of learning, making and sharing.

Through our 3D modeling and printing lessons, we teach engineering commands and transferrable skills to various STEM disciplines and careers, including but not limited to architecture, mechanical and aerospace engineering, and industrial design.

Open Positions


Suz Somersall
Founded KiraKira and Suz Somersall. Brown/RISD educated entrepreneur.
Alex Fisher
Growth Operations & BD @Airbnb • Former volleyballer @Stanford University
Lauren Berkman
MBA, Digital Strategist. COO @KiraKira Media Planner @Nissan.
Natalie Sharp
BS in Apparel Design with experience in Retail, Operations, Production, Ecommerce, Logistics, Luxury Goods, Jewelry, Buying, and Sales
Julia Ladutko
Finance to Software Engineer
Ashley Koprowski
Jewelry Designer and Founder at Keeper Designs
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