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Product Manager at Kin Insurance

Chicago · Full Time
Our mission is to transform a $100B industry through transparency and technology. Home insurance is outdated, difficult, and convoluted, and that's at it's best. Read More
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Job Description

Product Manager

Here at Kin, we’re looking for self-motivated thinkers ready to make a change for our customers. We value tackling challenges head on, breaking down walls, yet remaining chill about it.

So, what’s the role?
At Kin, Product Managers figure out what our customers need, prioritize which are most important for the business, collaborate with other teams to get those features and products built, and analyze them for future improvements. You will work closely with engineering, design and operations to help shape the future of the company.

A day in the life could include:
- Build and deliver product road map
- Work with senior leadership to set product and feature strategy
- Assess customer feedback and prioritizing tasks accordingly
- Communicate with necessary teams to troubleshoot issues customers have reported, and establish objectives and strategies to achieve them
- Develop fixes before issues arise, ensuring increased customer satisfaction

I’ve got skills...but do I have the necessary ones?
- You’re a big picture thinker, but deliver the details
- Prepared to do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful – that includes doing quality assurance, getting feedback from customers and addressing their issues accordingly
- You have a nose for great products, and advocate for new features with qualitative and quantitative reasoning
- Ability to turn incomplete, conflicting, or ambiguous inputs into solid action plans
- Communicate with empathy and precision
- Technical enough to ask engineers well thought out questions about architecture and product decisions
- Previous experience, or at least an interest, in areas such as  underwriting, accounting and compliance would be a bonus

Oh, and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Being in the insurance industry we recognize the importance of comprehensive benefits for you and your family. That’s why we provide a variety of options and coverage levels to customize a plan that’s right for you.  

Commuter Benefit Plans
Flex Spending Accounts
Disability Insurance
Flexible PTO
Life Insurance

These are just some of the benefits we provide!

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What We're Building

Kin is home insurance built from scratch using modern technology. Everyone needs insurance for their house - it's a $100B industry - but it is still done the same way it was done 50 years ago.

* Kin makes it easy for the consumer to get insured - 3 clicks on a phone vs. 3 pages of paperwork and faxing it to an agent.
* We use 100x the amount of data as the traditional insurers which also gives us a pricing and underwriting advantage.
* We bundle our insurance with home services and IoT devices that actually prevent homes from getting damaged, aligning our interests with the customer.

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