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What We're Building

A social commerce platform allowing users to shop, share and earn money from the collections of items they curate from 1500+ partner merchants and retailers. Users are encouraged to build capsule collections they promote through social channels (IG, FB, Pinterest and Twitter) in anticipation of earning commissions on all sales. Funds are directly loaded onto the Kikr card for them to use wherever and however they choose.

Within the community users have the ability to leave reviews, comments, tag one another and load lifestyle images in order to create a genuine dialogue around brands, stores and items. The feed of recommended items, stores and people to follow are all personalized based on past behavior and purchases. Users also receive real time proximity messages and offers based on products in their collections carried at partner retailers that have beacons.

We've seamlessly blended lifestyle imagery, content & product for a unique and rewarding gamified shopping experience.

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Morteza Nokhodian Esfahani
Strong background in software and system, have started variety of startups in east Asia and Europe.