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Job Description

Welcome to Kickback.

Frontend engineers work in sync with the rest of the engineering team on crafting a beautiful, fast and functional experience for users across desktop and mobile. We’re a small team that moves quickly and focuses on getting features shipped, getting the details right and caring about the user above all else.

- Build full, high-quality features quickly
- Write reusable, modern and DRY front-end code in javascript + ember
- Write clean, performant and well-maintained HTML/CSS
- Participate in and own code reviews
- Follow and improve front-end best practices for writing and deploying code
- Address cross-browser, cross-platform and performance issues
- Deliver a beautiful, world-class experience to players

- 3 to 4 years of experience
- The smarts to build high-quality products, the drive to do it quickly and grit to overcome any challenges
- Passion for gaming, gambling and building the future of the two
- Extensive knowledge of Javascript
- Extensive knowledge of modern Javascript libraries and tools (e.g. Ember.js, React, Redux, Angular, Electron, etc)
- Extensive knowledge of modern HTML, CSS and similar tech
- Detail oriented & UX + design obsessed
- Experience working with web servers, MVC frameworks and REST APIs
- Degree in computer science/math or equivalent work experience

Core tech we use to build our products: Ember (frontend), Elixir (backend).

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What We're Building

Kickback builds products for the esports industry.

We started out in 2014 building a way for the average player of Minecraft or Counter Strike to play it against other, equally skilled players for prizes.

We’ve grown since then into building brands on the internet that let users play in video games, esports, traditional games (with a twist) and more. We believe that lies in building transparent, engaging game modes that everyone in the community can play, while providing the best support and maximizing fairness for all our players.

Since being founded in December 2014 we’ve built some of the largest gaming products on the internet. Millions of players have won across our products. We’re funded by Y Combinator.

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