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Software Engineer, Backend, Elixir at Kickback

Vancouver · Full Time
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Job Description

Backend engineers at Kickback develop and maintain scalable infrastructure and systems that enable millions of users to place tens of millions of bets every month on our gambling products. They’re responsible for our systems’ end-to-end management starting from their design and development and ending with managing, tuning and improving them in production. Our products are highly interactive and real-time so every µS matters. The core of our backend is built on Erlang/Elixir.

- Build, deploy and test real-time betting features and infrastructure in
- Erlang/Elixir, Phoenix, Postgres, Node, Docker and Redis
- Participate in and own code reviews
- Improve and meet performance targets for external services
- Build internal tooling for the dev and ops team
- Handle deploying your own code, others' code
- Help manage and improve production services
- Help improve backend best practices for writing and deploying code

- 3+ years of experience building and deploying scalable real-time web - products driven by websockets and RESTful APIs
-The smarts to build high-quality products, the drive to do it quickly and grit to overcome any challenges that come your way
- Passion for gaming, gambling and building the future of the two
- Degree in computer science / engineering or equivalent work experience

Bonus points
- Experience with Erlang/Elixir
- Experience working on production systems (millions+ of monthly users)
- Devops / Docker / Heroku / AWS production experience
- Frontend / UI experience

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What We're Building

Kickback builds products for the esports industry and for users that want to play against other, equally skilled players for prizes. We’re funded by Y Combinator.

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Kickback Team

Vlad Nov
Worked at @Kickback · Studied @Y Combinator

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