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Job Description

Kickback lets anyone play video games for money.

The new generation grew up playing video games, and we’re giving them a safe, fun and engaging place to do that.

As an engineer at Kickback, you're building the infrastructure & experience powering the future of gambling.

As a Data Scientist, you will:

- Develop matchmaking algorithms / AI to guarantee users get matched with equally skilled opponents
- Directly contribute to growing key business metrics (revenue, games, users) and user experience (60% of user time is spent in game) through the algorithms you develop
- Develop anti-cheat algorithms and adaptive AI to detect and instantly ban hackers in any game we support
- Analyze user data to identify and flag fraudulent behavior
- Enhance the infrastructure to process data, train models and deliver predictions

Ideal Candidate:

- Independent, proactive, quick to act with minimal supervision
- Well versed in Python, SQL and the Pydata stack (Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-Learn)
- Previous experience designing and training deep neural networks (RNNs, CNNs)
- Previous experience with artificial intelligence and bot design

Bonus points:
- Keras & Tensorflow
- Image classification
- Time series analysis
- Reinforcement Learning
- Game theory

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What We're Building

Kickback is building the future of gambling.

We started out in 2014 building a way for the average player of Minecraft or Counter Strike to play it against other, equally skilled players for money.

We’ve grown since then into building brands on the internet that let players bet in video games, esports, traditional casino games (with a twist) and more.

Gambling has been around for forever. We're on a mission to create the most entertaining way to gamble, bet and play online. We believe that lies in building transparent, engaging game modes that everyone in the community can play, while providing the best support and maximizing fairness for all our players.

Since being founded in December 2014 we’ve built some of the largest skill-gaming and gambling products on the internet. Millions of players have won hundreds of millions of dollars across our products. We’re funded by Y Combinator.

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