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HR & Operations Associate at Keyhole

Toronto · Full Time

Keyhole's the market leader in hashtag analytics. (Don't believe us? Try a Google search.)

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Job Description

About Keyhole:

Keyhole is #1 company in the world for Hashtag Analytics (not just corporate hubris, try a google search), and we're growing fast, with customers like Google, Amazon and Uber. Our data's also cited frequently by tier-1 news organizations like the Economist, WSJ and TIME.

This has led to substantial growth over the last few years, and we're looking for an HR & Operations Associate to help company executives make critical decisions.

About the Role:

This role will allow the candidate to lead Keyhole in a number of areas, including human resources, operations, and office manager. The candidate should have excellent (and demonstrable) analytical skills.

Human Resources responsibilities include:
* Document a detailed onboarding plan and onboard new employees
* Help teams recruit new candidates, and develop systems to continually improve our process
* Measure and improve employee happiness
* Implement employee policies (PTO, etc.)

Operations responsibilities Include:
* Work with the executive team to document targets for each team, and continuously measure progress against these targets
* Meet regularly with leadership and team members to ensure alignment to objectives/goals
* Activate new customers on internal systems
* Plan company offsites, customer events, and team-building events.

* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
* Ability to manage multiple priorities and deliverables
* Communicate effectively with all level of the organization in both oral and written form
* 1-2 years of experience

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What We're Building

Track social media conversations and hashtags in real-time.

Data used by tier-1 publications like BBC, Al-Jazeera, and Forbes? Check.

A client list that includes Nike, Samsung, CBS, NBC and Saks Fifth Ave? Check.

Moving fast? Check. But we can always be better, and that's where you come in.

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