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I am the Managing Director of Founder Institute's New York City accelerator. Through my network of entrepreneurs, venture capital funds and accelerators, I have evaluated hundreds of companies that have resulted in building a portfolio of over 80 high growth companies. Including Easy Aerial, Stareable, Alta Claro, Diamond Hedge, Craft & Savor, Dental Stores and more.

The Founder Institute uses predictive founder focused social science, historical performance data, ecosystem references and direct hands on work evaluation over several months to select the most promising graduate companies. Through evaluation of founder performance both in the program and in the real world the assessment has proven to be over 85% accurate in predicting entrepreneurial success.

I was named the Best Startup Ecosystem Developer in the Founder Institute's 150+ city network in 2016 for my work with New York City startups.

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On average I help start forty companies each year and I plan to syndicate the best companies that break out. If we have a large enough allocation and the founder(s) feel AngelList is the right platform for them, we share the deal.

Kevin Siskar
Managing Director
Managing Director of Founder Institute New York & Founding Partner of Equity Token. I also host the Ambition Today podcast.
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Sundeep Ahuja
60+ Syndicates incl @Mosaic @Good Eggs @Burrow @Starcity @Notable Labs; 3yrs @AWS; Co-founder @Richrelevance; Advisor @Indiegogo; BS CS Stanford.
Christian Busch
Digital Growth and Strategy. CEO at German Accelerator NYC. Investor in 20+ early stage companies across marketplaces, SAAS, Internet-first brands et al.
Jose Galvez
Fullstack, iOS, Blockchain Developer, Stocks Trader. Angel Investor• M Sc. AI • Founder @Onetapp @Venddo • Investor @StartupsTemple
Joey Krug
Co Founder
CoChief Investment Officer @Pantera Capital • CoreDev @Augur • • @Joey Krug's Syndicate • CS @Pomona College dropout• @Thiel Fellowship 20 Under 20
Lisa Rich
Angel Investor
Founder @Hemisphere Ventures, Founder & COO @BrainyQuote, Operations, Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Advertising & Communications
Jeff Rich
Founder @Hemisphere Ventures, Founder @Xplore, Founder @BrainyQuote, Entrepreneur, Strategic Planner, Information Architect, and Landscape Photographer.
Kevin is one of the kindest, smartest, and most ambitious individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting in my life. He has experience as a founder and as a VC- and he was fundamental to my positive experience at Founder Institute- New York. He has incredible connections, fantastic advice,...more
I met Kevin when my start-up, PicketFencer, was going through the NYC Founder Institute program in the spring of 2016. Since that time, Kevin has been an invaluable resource to our company, and is always willing to share his passion and insight for the start-up world. He has consistently provided...more
Kevin led my Founder Institute cohort, Winter 2017 NYC. He proved to be an invaluable resources for all 8 graduates with his extensive network in startup community, first-hand know-how on what it takes to be a great entrepreneur and a good mix of wise perspective and encouragement along the...more
Kevin truly cares about the Founder Institute Graduate Community. He has done outstanding work building, growing and connecting the community. Kevin is always willing to help out, and I really appreciate all the effort he is putting in order to provide value to our FI network.
I met Kevin at the Founders Institute in his capacity as the program manager for New York City. Kevin is a driver who coached our cohort for maximum results for every participant which was great!
Kevin and I have worked together at the FI Institute in NYC. He is wise, very helpful and involved with those he works with. He will tell you what is wrong and suggest how to fix it. He is a great person who is very helpful and I would recommend him to everyone.
Kevin is one of the Director's of the Founder Institute. I met him when I was part of the Summer 2015 class. He did a great job organizing our group and guiding through every class. He always encouraged us to push harder and gave important advise. Even after graduation he continued mentoring...more
Kevin is passionate about everything startup. He is an active mentor, advisor, and investor. Working with him, it becomes clear that he lives and breathes this space.
I met Kevin through the Founder Institute program, and since then he's been a great advisor and mentor in my entrepreneurial journey. He's unbelievably knowledgeable and well-connected with the startup ecosystem in New York.
Met and worked with Kevin at the Founders Institute where he was our Director. Very passionate and knowledgeable about startups and the Founder Institute Community he is a great resource who always provided thoughtful feedback and encouragement. Great individual!
Kevin was the facilitator for my cohort at the fall 2016 Founder Institute. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable in all things start-up and tech. He's a fabulous mentor and friend.
I had the chance to know Kevin as the Founder Institute NYC Director. He has been very committed to building the startup ecosystem and developing Founders. I also love his Podcast (Ambition Today).
Kevin really cares about the Founder Institute community and all the companies involved.
Michael L
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