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This syndicate is run by Keiretsu Capital which is the exclusive worldwide fund partner of Keiretsu Forum which is ranked as the most active venture investors in the USA by Pitchbook and the National Venture Capital Association. With chapters in North America, Europe and Asia, Keiretsu Forum has invested more than $750 million in over 1,000 fundings since inception, and backed over 170 companies in 2016 alone.

This syndicate allows our members and other interested investors to co-invest pari passu into companies that have already gone through exhaustive due diligence and have been backed by the angels. By backing this syndicate you get to see all the companies still raising funding with no obligation to invest in them.


Access: This AngelList syndicate allows angels and investors from across the world to back every great deal we do on the same terms as our fund. Keiretsu Capital intends to share every deal with the AngelList platform, whenever possible. This AngelList syndicate allows angels and investors from across the world to back every great deal we do on the same terms as our fund.

Risks: Investors considering an investment in Keiretsu Capital should understand that these investments represent absolute risk and there is a meaningful risk that you can lose all of your investments. There is no guarantee of a "soft landing" or acquisition if things do not go as planned. In addition, there is no guarantee that, even in a successful company, there will be opportunity for liquidity for the shares represented and an investor should be prepared to have their capital committed for ten years or more, without liquidity.

Amount: When you back our syndicate, you have to select an "Amount" to back our deals. Remember, this is a zero-commitment reservation, meaning you can invest less than this amount or nothing at all. You may not be able to write a check larger than your commitment when a great deal comes along. Deals can become oversubscribed quickly and, if your reservation is low, that will be the maximum amount we can let you invest. The best strategy is to enter an amount that represents the largest check you might write in any one deal. There's no risk, as you will have to approve every deal we send to you.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

- Matthew C. Le Merle


Over 70% of Keiretsu Forum deal flow is proprietary deal flow not broadly available beyond our angel group and partners. Once a company has completed due diligence with Keiretsu Forum members and received investment from our angels, we will syndicate the company here in order to allow all Keiretsu Forum members worldwide and other interested investors to participate in the financing at the level they feel comfortable.

Matthew C. Le Merle
Managing Partner Fifth Era ( & Keiretsu Capital ( The most active early stage venture investors (Pitchbook/NVCA)
Randy Williams
Angel Investor
Max Navas
Portfolio Manager at Keiretsu Capital UW Grad, Class of 2017
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Kenn Dahl
Founder Prime Recognition
Yannick Roux
VC from Europe, co-founder of Token Economy. Previously: @EC1 Capital, @Momondo Group & @Forward Internet Group. Occasional angel investor.
Can help with
“Foot into Uk & Europe”
Bill Fishkin
dad x3, husband x1, mad scientist, propagandist, fixer of broken things, mystery solver, social / mobile junkie, @WeAreSynMedia & @Theia Interactive
Andrew Bogle
Managing Director, Reva Capital
Zach Coelius
First $1B exit with an AngelList Syndicate when GM bought Cruise Automation. Former founder and CEO of Triggit.
Riaz Karamali
Partner at Pillsbury law firm in Palo Alto
He is an advisor for Keiretsu Capital
Max is a great team member and very helpful in getting things done as we grow Keiretsu Capital.
Matthew is a fantastic investor and advisor; not only he gives 1World high-value guidance, he also opened doors to many Tier 1 business prospects.
I've really enjoyed working with Matthew both as an investor and board member. He's been a great coach especially when it comes to raising capital and Matthew sees 10 steps ahead which has helped Perkville avoid many pitfalls. I would highly recommend him to early stage entrepreneurs.
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