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Kash is the brand new payment system that avoids credit cards, their fees and security risks.

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Jobs at Kash

Kash Team

Geoff Flarity
Co-Founder Kash • Systems Architect at • Performance Lead at OANDA • Avid Technologist • University of Waterloo graduate.
Danny Su
Co-Founder and CTO @Kash • Worked at @Microsoft on Windows Phone, @Amazon, • Love smartphones • University of Waterloo grad

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Kash Investors

Garry Tan
Managing Partner, Initialized Capital. Previously Partner at Y Combinator, funded/advised 600 startups. Cofounder @Posterous (Acq by @Twitter).
Alexis Ohanian
Co-founder @Reddit. General Partner @Initialized Capital. Bestselling author. Making the world suck less. ⬆️
Mike Walsh
General Partner, Structure. investors in Uber, SurfAir, Boatbound, Pogoseat, Breather, +100 more. founded and sold companies. Under-utilized assets & capacity.
Billy Draper
Venture capital @Draper Associates and sometimes burgers.
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