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Blockchain Protocol Developer at Karachain

Gurgaon · Full Time
At Karachain, we are building a new blockchain that is specifically focussed at developers. Along with that, we would be having amazing documentation and super-awesome APIs and SDKs for developers to set up shop readily. Read More
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Job Description

PLEASE NOTE: While applying, please DO NOT FORGET to include your CV. Applications without a CV attached would not be considered.

Job Description:

To qualify for the core position of a Blockchain Protocol Developer at Karachain, a candidate needs to be equipped with the following:

1. Must have experience with some combination of following DLT related technologies: Node.js, Go, Composer, Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, web3.js, Geth.
2. Must have excellent programming and scripting skills with a solid understanding of Object Oriented Design principles in a Linux environment.
3. Strong object oriented design skills, knowledge of design patterns, data structures and algorithms .
4. Must have experience with development of RESTful web services and smart contracts.
5. Must have experience with database design and development.
6. Experience with both SQL and NoSQL/document database technology is preferred.
7. Experience with containerization (Docker) and cloud-based computing (AWS, Bluemix, Azure) is a plus.
8. Business domain knowledge in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail and Finance is a plus.
9. Experience working in agile environment.

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What We're Building

We are building a new blockchain which is going to be specifically focussed at developers. And, we are trying to get every one to try their hands at becoming a blockchain developer. In sometime, we would be having great APIs and SDKs for developers to build their DApps based on Karachain.

We are also building a KaraWallet, a Karachain AssetCreator, a Karachain Exchange and a Karachain DApp Browser. That's a complete ecosystem we are building.

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Karachain Team

Abhishek Bhattacharya
Blockchain Developer & Product Manager at Karachain