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Compiler Designer at Karachain

Gurgaon · Full Time
At Karachain, we are building a new blockchain that is specifically focussed at developers. Along with that, we would be having amazing documentation and super-awesome APIs and SDKs for developers to set up shop readily. Read More
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Job Description

PLEASE NOTE: While applying, please DO NOT FORGET to include your CV. Applications without a CV attached would not be considered.

Job Description:

Karachain is looking for an engineer who is passionate about improving software development tools.

Key Qualifications

The ideal candidate will have experience in multiple of the following areas, but strong candidates are encouraged to apply even if they are missing some of the qualifications:

1. Open-source communities
2. The Clang compiler internals
3. Experience debugging a complex software stack and/or system level issues
4. The LLDB debugger internals
5. Generation and/or consumption of DWARF or other debug information
6. Strong C++ coding skills and a passion for writing great code
7. Familiarity with compiler optimizations, code generation and overall design of compilers
8. Strong track record of building high quality software
9. Strong communication and teamwork skills

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What We're Building

We are building a new blockchain which is going to be specifically focussed at developers. And, we are trying to get every one to try their hands at becoming a blockchain developer. In sometime, we would be having great APIs and SDKs for developers to build their DApps based on Karachain.

We are also building a KaraWallet, a Karachain AssetCreator, a Karachain Exchange and a Karachain DApp Browser. That's a complete ecosystem we are building.

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