Kalvir Sandhu

Co-Founder of @Caliper.io; Co-Founder @GoFreeRange; Led development on products for Thomson Reuters, GE, @Telefonica & @Twitterfeed. BSc Computer Science.

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What I Do

I build things with technology in a focussed lean method. First validating real need using the best agile & web methodologies. I release early and often. Passionate about creating quality software products that scale and are designed well.


CTO and Founder of Caliper.io based in Vancouver, Canada. Hired some great initial talent and have innovated new approaches on monitoring application performance on HTML5 applications.

Currently organizer of the Ruby user group in Vancouver (700 members) who meet monthly.

Previously co-founded @GoFreeRange, a leading engineering firm in London, UK. Worked with clients Mubi who host online videos to >2m users and built Hashblue.com for @Telefonica, O2 UK.

Re-built @Twitterfeed's architecture to power publishing of >6m RSS feeds to Twitter in realtime.

Has been building software for the web for over 15 years starting with Nortel & Compaq (now HP). Gained a Computer Science Degrees.

Led an engineering team that built a custom search engine now used by Thomson Reuters which indexed 200k news articles a day for clients GE Money.

Boris Mann
Founder: @bryght, first commercial business focused on Drupal; @bootup-labs, first Canadian seed accelerator. Now: napkin capital @fullstackventures