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#1 Facial Rec company on AngelList. We love Enterprise. We love SaaS. We love Mobile.

Founded in 2012 and based in Miami, Kairos is a venture-backed company servicing a diverse global customer base. We give developers the most efficient, cost-effective way to use face recognition in their products. The company’s Human Analytics platform enables businesses to integrate identity, emotion and demographic data, with only a few lines of code. Read More
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What We're Building

Kairos is an artificial intelligence company specializing in face recognition. Through computer vision and artificial intelligence, Kairos can recognize faces in videos, photos, and the real-world - making it easier than ever to transform the way your business interacts with people.

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Kairos Team

Brian Brackeen
Founder & CEO of Kairos. Former Apple, IBM, & ADP visionary. Bringing Facial Recognition to all of your apps and services.
Max Porter
Sales and Strategic Partnerships Professional
Cole Calistra
Chief Technology Officer at Kairos. Bringing Facial Recognition to all of your apps and services.
Ben Virdee-Chapman
Chief Design Officer (CDO) at Kairos - Transforming Businesses with Face Recognition

Kairos Investors

Larry Berman
I am an accredited investor and have invested in several public & non-public corporations.
Gregory Borchardt
Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Caerus Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm in West Palm Beach, FL, and New York, NY.
CSC Upshot
The largest fund dedicated to seed investing, ever. Details @CSC Upshot
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