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Kahuna is a pioneer in communication automation, dedicated to empowering businesses to grow and thrive in the mobile era. We enable a new level of authentic engagement between brands and their customers, wherever they are the web, email, mobile, social channels through personalized communication at scale. Powered by big data and machine learning, we help create delightful experiences for every customer with the perfect message, delivered on the right channel, at just the right time.

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Kahuna is reinventing marketing automation, enabling a new level of authentic customer engagement between brands and their customers.

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Teamwork in Bubble Soccer!
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Jobs at Kahuna

Kahuna Team

Mihir Nanavati
SVP Product @Kahuna . Previously worked at Tradeshift, Hightail and Adobe.
Tarun Banda
Data-driven Product Manager and M.S. CS student with exceptional work ethic and self-driven skill development.
Jack Maclellan
Brown University graduate and retired professional hockey player currently working as an Account Executive at Kahuna.
Arin Ray
Solutions Engineer at Foursquare; UMD Computer Engineer; Worked at Goldman Sachs and a small marketing tech startup in NYC;
Zorigt Bazarragchaa
UC Berkeley EECS, Data Engineer
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