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#EverywhereCommerce - social, fast, simple, automated!

jumper.ai is a social commerce platform helping thousands of business and brands, offer personalized checkout experience and sell products directly through any channel: Social media, web, and more. Read More

What We're Building

jumper.ai enables brands and SME's to instantly auto-reply and engage with customers when they comment on your posts – and the best part, it auto-magically walks and talks them through a sale right within the social media.

No websites, no apps, no redirect links, convert your customer instantly on and within any social media platform: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and more.

Encourage more sales and wider organic post reach, by enabling your customer to buy your products by simply commenting on your posts.

Add testimonials, product launches, and photos that highlight your company

Jobs at jumper

jumper Team

Yash Kotak
CEO of jumper. Founded znapin, bumperrr, selfiechallengeapp, sonyklabs, kincredible tech etc.
Nyha Shree
Founder @jumper, Forbes 30Under30, Serial Entrepreneur, Failed some, successfully exited others.
Andrew Strauss
Worked at jumper, APIs. Experience with Apple, Adobe, Agile. Went to New England College, UC Berkeley
Anik Chaturvedi
Backend Developer at jumper
Ankit Chaturvedi
Backend Developer at jumper
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