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North America's largest performance based digital agency on Facebook

We are a group of highly intelligent, creative, motivated, energetic, and passionate people that love doing what others cannot in our field: producing the highest ROI campaigns possible for our clients. In 2015, our first year in business, we generated over $50M in sales for our clients with our digital ads. In 2016, we became the largest direct response agency on Facebook in North America by our media spend. 2017 and beyond will be filled with more success and growth until we are the most recognized direct response brand in the world. Read More
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What We're Building

We specialize in direct response digital advertising. Companies come to us when they want to grow their e-commerce business at scale by acquiring new customers through advertising.

We developed a quantitative proprietary process to interpret and take action on performance data so that we produce the most winning creative and campaign optimizations, which, ultimately, maximize the ROI results. We use a small amount of programmatic tools, but primarily manage our campaigns manually in such a way that they follow our specific process.

Because we are so good at providing sales volume, we operate almost like a venture capital firm and are extremely specific about who we work with so that we can maximize opportunity for ourselves.

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Jump 450 Media Team

Christopher Ivey
COO @Jump 450 Media . Former CEO of @Rizm. Military Veteran. Harvard undergrad. Life-long entrepreneur.
Andrew Fabbri
President at Jump 450 Media - Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2017

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