Jobs at Jublia

An established global leader in business matching technology and event data analytics

Our mission is to empower event organisers to intelligently match people and content at their events. At Jublia, we believe in enabling people to discover useful content and meet relevant others through intelligent matching technologies. Simultaneously, we empower organisers with analytics to easily prove that their events are the undisputed channel for marketing spend by businesses in terms of ROI. Read More

What We're Building

We focus on recommendation technology throughout our ecosystem of products: end-to-end business matching, agenda system, exhibitors with products directory and smart event app.

We are well positioned to deliver game changing solutions with our deep partnerships with leading organisers in the digital transformation of their businesses. We build products to not only save costs for our clients. We strive to elevate the entire event experience of our clients' customers by fully transforming face to face meetings and answer tough questions relating to organisers' event data.

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Jobs at Jublia

Jublia Team

Kuan Yan Tan
CEO at Jublia.
Chinab Chugh
CTO at Jublia
Syed Ismail Syed Zainuddin
Fresh Graduate with a Degree in Marketing. Experience in Start-ups under Operations Role.

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