John Stockdale

Electrical Engineering @Stanford University
Systems Engineering @VideoSurf
Software Engineering @Facebook
I build things.

Confirmed Investments · Invests $25K-75K per deal
Team Member
What I Do

I have a strong network of individuals in the industry. I enjoy maintaining a pulse on the startup scene, and playing an advising role to my friends and other founders whenever my experience lines up with their needs.


Built Download Your Information at Facebook with Paul Buchheit, David Recordon, Scott MacVicar, and Peter Ruibal.

Built Presence (RFID checkins and photo booths) for Facebook's f8 developer conference with Pedram Keyani, Michael Sharon, David Recordon, Scott MacVicar, and more.

What I'm Looking For

I prefer small companies with potential to impact emerging / soon to be validated spaces. A strong team with both good communication skills and practical plans for executing their vision is key.