John Richards

Entrepreneur (@Infospace, @BoomStartup), Investor (@Omniture), and Educator (@BYU Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology)

Confirmed Investments · $10K to $50K each
What I Do

Mentoring, coaching, networking, connecting.


-- Grew NTD Publishing dba Banana Pages 500% and sold to international acquirer
-- Founded Yellow Pages on the Internet at the dawn of the Internet era, sold it to InfoSpace, Inc., took InfoSpace public 2 years later - rose to $38 billion market cap
-- Helped build the BYU E-Business Center into one of the best in the nation; same for Entreprneurship Center; helped merge the two to become the BYU Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (part of the #2 ranked program in the USA)
-- Invested in and mentored countless startups (most notable is Omniture, which sold to Adobe for $2 billion, many more in pipeline)