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Create print products as easy as taking photos, leveraging A.I.

Our mission is to make creating print products such as photo books as easy as taking photos by leveraging the power of AI. Because nowadays memories are more important than ever. With Journi we help people to keep them forever. Read More
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What We're Building

With Journi you create print products like photo books as easy as taking the photos. Our smart algorithm will process 500 photos within less than 30 seconds, finding the perfect layout for your photo book.
The Journi team includes some of the best experts in the field of using AI for consumer print.
The services are offered in multiple apps plus website including: "Journi - Blog and Printed Books" iOS | Android as well as "Journi Books" iOS | Android coming soon.
The apps have been featured 20,000 times accross the App and Play Store. "Journi - Blog and Printed Books" is editors choice in the Play Store and is installed on all test devices in Apple Stores worldwide (10/2017 - now). It was also featured as best new app in Forbes, L.A. Times, TechCrunch, TNW and Condé Nast and was rewarded as app of the year on Mobile Monday and the Content Award and the design was featured as best app design by Adobe Behance.

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Journi Team

Andreas Roettl
Founder @Journi, @Pioneers, Managed mio $ projects in telco, Worked for Business Angel in Berlin, WU/HSG, looking for: Growth Manager, Community/Support Manager
Bianca Busetti
CPO and Co-founder of @Journi . Studied Convergent Design under frog founder H. Esslinger. +8 Years work experience in startups.
Christian Papauschek
Tech lead & Cofounder @Journi. 10+ years experience in backend & web development & computational intelligence.
Boyeong Seo
Working as a Android developer 3 years.
Manoel Amaro
MSc. in Computer Science. Full-stack and mobile developer with Ruby on Rails, Scala, Node.JS, JS frameworks (AngularJS, React), Android and iOS.
Guillermo Muntaner Perelló
Master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering by UPC. Last 3 years focused in image processing/computer vision and developing IOS & Android apps.

Journi Investors

Johann 'Hansi' Hansmann
50 investments in start ups. Runtastic - exit to adidas ($240m) in 2015 Shpock - exit to Schibsted in 2015 mySugr - exit to Roche in 2017

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